Corporate Headshots, Los Angeles, California – Business, Employee and Executive Portraits, corporate PR Photography

Corporate Headshots can be done at your office, business conference or in our studio in Long Beach, California. When we shoot on location we bring complete studio lighting and backgrounds, and set up a temporary studio in your office or hotel conference room.

Solid background colors available include blue, grey, black, white, red, brown, tan and green. Cloth muslin backgrounds include blue / brown, green / brown, brown / tan, grey / light grey, white and black.

Preparing for your Corporate Headshots Photo Shoot

Send out a notice to all employees who will be photographed a week in advance and another notice a day in advance. This will allow them to get haircuts, dry clean suits, and make other grooming preparations. Employees should avoid large or busy patterns in their clothing, solid colors are best. As white shirts are easy to overexpose, it is best to wear pastel colored shirts.
The photographer will need a large open area to set up lights and background. A minimum of 9 feet wide and 15 feet long, with ceilings at least 8 feet high will provide the best result.

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